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Robowatch develops and integrates electronic and mechanical components as well as software-based functions for autonomously navigating robot vehicles. The complexity of innovative security systems and vehicle architectures is being successfully addressed by Robowatch together with its qualified partners.

Robotic technology: Advantages

Automatic environment perception

  • ●  Prevent damages (detect obstacles)
  •   Drive under poor visibility conditions (night, storm, …)
  •   Detect humans/cars/…

Not prone to human errors

  •   No sleeping
  •   No being drunk
  •   No bribery or blackmailing

Principles of robotics

Software drives robotics innovation! The most challenging field: Autonomous mobile robots

Core challenges

  •   Perception of the environment
  •   Autonomous navigation
  •   Both can easily be overcome with Robowatch products

Software Tools at a Glance

Robotic Trainings

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