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Using the Robowatch Robotic Libraries, we offer a great way to save much effort, time and cost developing your own software required to access the sensors of your vehicle or robotic system. The Robowatch Robotic Libraries provides a framework for generic reading and processing of sensor values ​​and makes it independent of the sometimes very different approaches taken by the sensor's own drivers and libraries.

This software is only part of a complete series of modular components that you can use in your autonomous or remote-controlled platforms. Integrated modules can handle even difficult problems, such as the localization of mobile robots, which can be simply solved by the localization library, or as for the path planning of mobile robots, the motion planning library is a flexible solution. In the current campaign, we offer the complete software package at attractive rates.

Closer look on the Robowatch Robotic Libraries

A toolbox for building robotic software solutions: Robowatch Industries has developed a comprehensive suite of software libraries for their mobile robot systems. These software libraries are at the core of six different robot systems developed by Robowatch over the last few years, and now they can be used in your robotics project, too!

The suite consists of three software modules that can be used as building blocks on which to base your own robot software, thereby kick-starting your project and avoiding the lengthy startup process where all the basic algorithms and software have first to be developed.

●    lib Localization fuses multiple sensors' data in order to calculate a best
       estimate of the robot's pose (position and orientation).

●    lib Motion Planning builds a map based on laserscans that are feeded
       into it. Then, it analyzes the map in order to determine which path is   
       best suited to be used by the vehicle.

●    lib Device abstracts from the specific properties of sensor hardware
       and allows for powerful buffering and extensible query of sensor data.  
       For devices that are not yet included in libDevice, it can also be easily
       extended with your own implementations, using the facilities provided
       by the library.


Additionally, libLocalization builds upon libDevice and its powerful concept of BufferedSensor that makes handling large amounts of data from heterogeneous sensors manageable.

Technical requirements

All these software libraries have been developed in C++ and are available for Intel®-compatible 32-bit Linux systems, such as Ubuntu 6.06 or newer.
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