Networked Elevated Sentinel System

Networked Elevated Sentinel System

Project: Intelligent, stationary monitoring in large outdoor areas

The system is intended as a supplement for objects with large surface areas, where by the particular threat scenario (eg vandalism, theft or sabotage) next to a fence also another layer of protection is implicitly necessary. Basic problem here is the difficulty to implement traditional security systems because of the huge dimensions of the areas. This usually might be achieved with disproportionate effort only.


Fig.: Implementation plan for the intelligent, stationary monitoring system

Operators of these areas need to budget large numbers of other systems to be installed and dig deep into their pockets. Our project focus is to develop a system that combines intelligent sensor technology effectively, requires little setup time, is flexible and significantly reduces the capital expenditure. The new system, used for monitoring large fenced areas, day and night, detecting intruders automatically, consists of at least two components: a detection system and a local control center. Further detection systems can easily be connected with the control center, the larger the surface is to be monitored.

Each detection system automatically monitors an area of ​​360 degrees in the sensor range. The system can work through its special sensors in total darkness. Permanent lighting, for example, can be abandoned in favor of capital and operating costs. All sensor data of the software components (including Visual Alarm Detection, Image Pattern Analysis, Image Scene Analysis) is automatically analyzed and evaluated in order to detect and to identify suspected intruders in the area and reduce false alarms.

If an intruder is detected, an alarm is automatically sent to the operator in the local control center. In real time he receives all sensor data in order to assess the situation and possibly apply intervention. Parallel to the alarm, all sensor data and event logs will be stored in the local control center and may also be evaluated later for prosecution. If multiple detection systems are launched at a local control center, very large areas with minimum personnel can be monitored. In addition, the quality of automatic functions helps to relieve the staff of routine activities.

The main applications fields are for example

  • Large parking and storage areas of the logistics industry
  • Installations of the Energy industry such as substations and solar farms
  • Larger shelves for new and used vehicles (cars, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment) maintain by manufacturers, distributors and major end users such as trucking companies, car rental companies, contractors, farmers etc.
  • Construction sites with temporary increased need for protection
  • Other objects with increased need for protection, such as airports, harbors, etc.
  • Paddocks and pastures for farm animals

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