Remote control system for construction machinery

Remote control system for construction machinery

Project outline: Development of a cabin as RC-System

Robowatch is currently developing a system for remote control of construction machinery. The main applications are inhumane areas, such as exposure to radiation and contaminated environments. The development will be implemented on a compact crawler excavator system for the removal of radioactive materials.


Fig.: Implementation plan for the "blocked view" remote-controlled machinery

This technology can be used in nuclear power plants as well as in contaminated areas, eg Chernobyl or Fukushima, and prevent that people have to go into the fatal range. An excavator entering into contaminated areas is controlled remotely, possibly supported by autonomous functions and perform the work remotely. The vehicle is operated from a safe distance for health and life of the worker.  Most common problem, however: the control without direct visual contact to the vehicle. Solution: From an external cab, which is equipped with all the control functions of an excavator vehicle, the driver can operate the excavator with a stereo camera system accurately.

The basic idea is the conversion of semi-autonomous functions of the excavator. The semi-autonomous excavator should therefore be equipped with a cabin as a remote control system. The cabin will be modeled after the original cabin and is set on a "motion platform" with locking casters. Both, a strong grounding in the original cabin and the use of a "motion platform" should give the operator the feeling of working in his real work environment.

The cabin shall be equipped with all control functions, which are available in the corresponding construction vehicle. The interior of the cab shall be based on the original vehicle, so that the driver can be incorporated rapidly into the operation. The instrument displays are intended to provide clear information about all operating functions. A stereo camera system by means of a pan-tilt device mounted on the vehicle will implement the three-dimensional space vision to the remote control, while the 3D position of the head-mounted displays is measured by sensors and tracked in real-time by the pan-tilt device.

In addition to this driver assistance system, we are currently working on these developments

  • Automatic Tool Identification
  • Selfcollision- and Collision Protection System
  • Electronic Working Space Limitation
  • Contour Control System
  • Subgrade Object Location System
  • Camera systems
  • Continuous Path Control System
  • Fleet Management System
  • Alternative Control Systems

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