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Our engineers provide design, engineering and design services for robotic systems and semi-autonomous and autonomous machines in different application areas. Systematic development of products from one source: from market analysis, via the concept of design to realization.

The spectrum of our engineering team is focused on the following priorities:

01Development of augmentation systems for mobile service robots

Based on our experience, we offer the development of augmentation systems for mobile systems according to their requirements. For example, the development of manipulation systems for changing the position and orientation of objects such as manipulator arms or sensor holder and interfaces.


02Control systems and user interfaces for the remote control or the mission preparation and monitoring

For the mission preparation and monitoring or remote control of your mobile systems, we provide the development of appropriate control and communication systems.

03Development of small wheeled or tracked driven vehicles according to customer's request

We are looking back on years of experience in mechanical, electronic and software development for small wheeled and tracked vehicles. These vehicles fulfill autonomous, semi-autonomous and remote controlled tasks in a variety of missions. On this basis, we are able to achieve customized drive systems.

The development of augmentation, control and propulsion systems includes the following services:

● Feasibility studies
● Design concepts
●  Usability concepts
● Development of Operating and Communication systems
● Comprehensive project management

04Automation of existing vehicles for autonomous, semi-autonomous and remotely controlled functions

Based on our years of experience in the development of CHRYSOR we can provide feasibility studies, concepts and comprehensive project management for the automation of existing emergency vehicles:

Feasibility studies
● Analysis of your existing vehicle for suitability for automation
●  Developing proposals for vehicles that enable automation
      based on the requirements
● for the entire vehicle to be automated
● the sub-systems and components
Project management and development of components for the automation of vehicles
●  Development and integration of actuating elements for vehicle
     functions such as brakes, steering, engine speed, etc., as an
     interface control system
●  Integration of internal and external sensors and development of
      necessary mechanical and electronic interfaces linking to the
      control system Integration and adaptation of energy and power
      supply as well as communications systems

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