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Whoever is concerned with robots nowadays, will at first realise: Thanks to further development in the sector of automation, digitalisation, miniaturisation and mobile communication, technical applications have now become possible which - only a decade ago - where dreams of the future. The 20th century was the age of the computer. The 21st century will be the era of the mobile robots. They relieve humans of monotonous labour and protect them in life's dangerous situations. The security sector is changing: mobile and intelligent robots become an everyday part of security.

For more than a decade Robowatch develops and improves autonomously controlled robotic support systems and remote-controlled vehicles. These robots warn people in time in dangerous situations, improve the observation endangered areas or support the staff for civil protection. The proven stability and reliability of all our developed components guarantee the long lasting availability and performance of the whole system.

Since 2011, Robowatch is dedicated primarily to project development for software solutions and the creation of hardware components, which will be supplied in various application fields for service robotics.

Here we are going to give you a closer look on product solutions that are no longer available for purchase but can still be found in daily use throughout the world.

Mobile Security Robots (Indoor)


Service robotics for the first time in series: The red dot® design award winning MObileSecurityRObot MOSRO conquered the security industry. Equipped with high performance sensors, the robot supports mobile surveillance of very large buildings and hard-viewable areas and defy perseveringly all the skeptics.

Mobile Security Robots (Outdoor)

The outdoor version OFRO is the consistent further development of mobile robots specifically designed for large outdoor areas. Teaming up with the MOSRO the robots join the security crew at the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany and the Games of the XXIX. Olympics in China 2008.

Tactical Robots

A new dimension in versatility. With the ASENDRO the basis for a modular chassis and drive concept was laid. According to these standards we are developing platforms to date for small wheeled and tracked vehicles, with variable payload modules that cover a wide range of applications.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles and Teleoperated Machinery optimise the reconnaissance activities of action forces in civil defence and disaster prevention. Specially designed vehicles like the CHRYSOR are a perfect tool for reconnaissance, detection of chemical, radioactive, nuclear and explosive (CRNE) hazards, defusing explosive devices, transportation and for medical missions. If needed, they can also operate under remote control. In addition, Robowatch develops and integrates electronic and mechanical components and software-based vehicle features for custom applications and vehicle configurations, also for vehicles of all kinds.

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